Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Own Cheers Place

“Where everyone knew your name”

We were returning from our annual vacation spot in Minnesota when we saw this delightful moving bar in Minneapolis. Bellying up to the bar had a whole new meaning with this unusual contraption. Sure beats the streetcars I used to travel on when I went to school in Chicago.

These barflies were not flying. They were peddling for all their worth to propel this vehicle down the street as they imbibed their favorite libations and conversed and laughed with their fellow boozers. Midst the cacophony of the street sounds, they appeared like an island of coziness—close enough to each other and certainly close enough to grab the bar tender to get his immediate attention to order another round. We could not see who was doing the steering, but they seemed to be getting it right and having a hilarious time doing it. I would have loved to have a ride on it and try it out.

When I saw this happy scene, I was reminded of when I was in college in Winona when we too had a favorite bar, The Blue Blazer, where everyone knew our name. It was a very congenial place—a place where our gang hung out most nights a week and the guys from St. Thomas did also.

Our gang happened to consist of returned veterans on the GI Bill (WWII folks) who didn’t have much money to spend . The gal that ran the place would be very kind to our guys. If they carried cases of beer up from the basement for her, she would give them beers in return. I was a cheap date in those days. Two 35cent Virginia Dare Light wines would put me in nirvana for the evening. (Never could get that back again later in life.)

Sometimes we would cross the Mississippi and go into Wisconsin to a bar called The Blackhawk. This was true particularly if we had underage gals with us. I was the only one over 21, so when they started asking for ID’s, the guys would all point to me to show mine and we were good to go.

A bar in a distant way propelled us into an earlier marriage than planned. When my husband, Bill, and I were courtin’-- he teaching 500 miles away from me-- our only place to go would be the town bar or the back seats of the local theatre or sitting in the car freezing or walking the streets. In those days, we did not have apartments, but only rented rooms and my landlady did not permit visitors! And Heaven forbid for me to go up to Bill’s hotel room. The whole town would know that in 5 minutes and teachers were to be models of moral decor . But this bar was really not your usual bar in that it sold ice cream and stuff to kids and parents as well. Bill would order a beer for him and a 7-up for me. I hate 7-up to this day, but I drank it and then the rest of the evening Bill would fill my glass with beer.

We had planned to be married in December, a Christmas wedding, but one especially cold night we changed our plans and decided to be married right away. We didn’t have a big wedding, but we did it in four week’s time. All of my siblings were sure that I was pregnant, but I didn’t have Jon until three years later!

In your past or present memory, do you have a bar that was your favorite hang-out if that was your scene at some time in your life?


Bernie said...

Wonderful we didn't have a bar but we had a restaurant where everyone went after school, or football games, after a movie, a dance or a hockey much fun. Everyone knew everyone and even today when I go home my old school friends and I always have a meal at this same restaurant......nothing much has changed there except a new generation of young school friends who giggle, laugh and flirt just as much as we did. These places are special Bernie and hold dear and loving memories.....:-) Hugs

boots said...

Oh Bernie, I love this post! and they need a moving bar like that where we get to select some young men to peddle while we laugh and chat!

I was a teen~young adult in the early to mid 1970's. We mostly hung out at a "park", Percy warner Park in Nashville, Tn. To this day it is the most beautiful park I have ever seen...when my husband and I married in 1978 and moved to Idaho, well I thought all cities had parks! and so disappointed that they didnt!
great post (wish teachers still felt like the moral leaders of our children!)

Deb Shucka said...

What a lovely story. Our "bar" was the woods and a keg. No ID required. :-)

Midlife Jobhunter said...

Had I been with you, I would have had to try get on that moving bar. What fun! Work your beer of while you drink.

For me, I suppose the Harbor Inn in Grand Haven, Michigan. Or Dooley's in East Lansing. Seems so rare we go to a bar now - maybe to hear music now and then.

Bernie said...

Remember the time we were visiting you at Michigan State and you and I went to Dooley's and bumped into Magic Johnson in the doorway?

♥ Braja said...

No....but there's a few I'd like to get to now :))

King of New York Hacks said...

Brilliant bar. I hope to see one in NYC soon !


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