Friday, July 30, 2010


The other day I got a flyer in the mail about bundling my phone together with my TV and my cell and my computer. All I can say is that AT&T must be the most inefficient corporation on the block because it took me one and one-half hours on the phone. Mostly on hold. Jeez, I could kill the guy that invented that! Anyhow I ended up with Choice Extra for my TV with 210 channels and I find that the same thing happens now as it did whenever we stayed in a motel with that many channels. I just keep flipping the dang channels and never get to watch anything! But tonight I did watch something that was worth it---Paul McCartney at the White House and I heard “Hey Jude” and “Yesterday” and it was lovely. A local station, of course.

Four goldfinches did a lovely aerial ballet for me around the feeder this afternoon. I have never seen them sort of pedal in midair and then swoop around like that before in and out amongst each other.

Jim’s gladiolas are coming into bloom. He has planted over 100 of them and so I have a constant bouquet in my house. They are just starting so I hope they keep staggering their bloom so I can have them for a long time and not too many at once. They make good gifts.

My granddaddy of a willow is monstrous with all the rain and hot weather it has filled out and its canopy covers almost the whole back yard. It meets the sugar maple and my counterpart, the sugar maple and so the back yard is completely like walking in a vault of tree branches. I love it.

Dodger is the funniest dog. He plays by himself with his balls (his rubber balls) and makes them go into tight spots in the patio door, for instance, and then digs them out only to do it again and again. Then he tosses them in the air and chases them. Self entertainment.

One of the benefits of growing older is that I put myself in the other person’s shoes more often than I did. If a motorcyclist revs his motor up beside me at a stop sign I don’t mind. I would do it too if I had one. And if someone cuts in front of me or seems angry about something, I think that maybe he has a good reason like maybe he just lost his job, or his girlfriend or maybe he doesn’t feel well or someone he loves is ill or worse.

I feel more of a kinship with my fellowmen. When I was young I thought only I could feel such pain when things happened, or only I felt some things like no one else. We are all in the same boat and when they ask " for whom the bell tolls-it tolls for thee", I get it now.

So these are just some of my random thoughts today. I will end by saying, “Never, never ask a man for directions! They are never specific enough. A woman will give you great directions every time.”

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Some of you have been asking how my new dog, the Artful Dodger, is working out so I thought I thought I would tell you just how wonderful he is.

These have not been easy weeks for us lately. My husband Bill who has had Altzeimer’s for about 9 years has been sick lately and we have had to bring him to the ER three times with no success until this last time. Believe me, one has to have the right doctor to get anywhere.

He was admitted to the hospital and yesterday as I was sitting in my chair listening on the phone for the results of his tests (he was being discharged at the time and transported to the rest home), I heard that he has entered the end stage and has multiple things going on that are not good. I, who never cry, began crying as I listened and Dodger pricked up his ears and came over to my chair and raised himself into a position where he was virtually hugging me with his paws around my neck and pressing his head against mine and licking my face. Now, there’s a dog who is a pal in need. He didn’t need thumbs. I am so thankful for him. I have seen dogs do this in movies as in Lassie but I have never had this experience before

I knew this would be coming, but not so suddenly nor so soon. Because Bill has been so good for so many years, I guess I was lulled into forgetting about this fact. And so it goes.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Summertime in Door County Wisconsin!

Last fall, we shared some pictures of beautiful Door County. Here are some pics of a day last week when we went up again in the good ole summer time.

Except it still is rather early for Lake Michigan to warm up. This day the weather was in the 80's but at Whitefish Bay Beach the winds were stirring up the lake to three foot or more waves and the water temperature was 62 degrees. But never let it be said that I am a wimp and I have learned how to deal with this. You go in several times, a little bit at a time. You get your feet up to your knees wet and paining like crazy and then you run out and wait a bit.
You keep doing this for 5 or 6 times and then dunk. Water soon becomes quite tolerable. And with the lovely sand bottom and with the waves trying to knock you over, a lot of fun. Jim comes running in freezing one more time.

After our invigorating swim, we looked for a place to eat. My son, Jim, had never had a genuine Door County Fish Boil so we found a place in Bailey's Harbor just about ready to serve up the last batch. It is a spectacular show and the dinner is delicious. They cook it over an open fire in a big kettle and at the last minute they throw keosene on the fire to make it boil over. That is supposed to get all the fat out of the dinner. Then they serve it with cups of drawn butter poured all over it!!!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Blog With Substance

I've received an award and I'm most happy about it. I've been recognized as a Blog with Substance by Scrubby Brush. I thank Cheryl, my Australian friend.

I am to pick 10 people who I think have blogs of substance. Wow, was that hard to narrow down. I know there are many more I could have mentioned, but these are the ones I came up with.

First, Catbird Scout, for I regard her as one of the finest writers out there. I know she already has one but I just had to put her down from me too.

Moments of Mine who always posts a beautiful quiet time showing us with her camera and her comments stories about her walks and her grandchildren .

At the Farm if you enjoy hearing about beautiful horses and farm life in general. She brings you there.

Weaver of Grass always has a great topic for discussion and thoughtful comments. I have always loved the way she calls her husband “the farmer”

Midlife Jobhunter shares her family, travel, views of life using a very fine sense of humor. Very Erma Bombeck like. Can be both hilarious at times and sardonic at others. Great writer. She will go somewhere in the writing field someday.

Sixtyfivewhatnow writes about many different topics but is always an interesting read. She tells about her views using the lake as a metaphor and about her trips.

Beyond the Diapers and Spills writes on a variety of subjects that inspire great discussions. Her latest on marriage is great.

A Walk in My Shoes gives a lot of information on how to get published as she is a published author. I have always loved her opening picture of all the beautiful shoes and it is such an apt title.

Wander to the Wayside has shared her life experiences as an adopted child with all of us in a marvelous detailed way. She made us feel.

Can't forget On My Own for she is a loyal friend to many. She offers valuable friendship and in her posts she tells of her happiness in everyday living. She is an inspiration to us all to live in the moment the best that we can.

I hope you will visit some of my choices and Cheryl at Scrubby Brush. You won't be disappointed.

Sunday, July 4, 2010


For 51 years with few exceptions I have been blessed to spend the Fourth of July at a resort in Minnesota called Park Lane. It is located west of Minneapolis about 80 some miles and the lake is named Green Lake. It is the purest cleanest lake in the world we have been told. There was one in Switzerland that was supposed to be first but they had an avalanche and thus ours became the best.

This is back in time quite a bit. One of the grandchildren was very small. Jim and Bob and Ian.

Whether this is true or not, it is a fantastic lake where the water feels like silk on your skin. You have such a feeling of exhilaration after a swim like nowhere else.

Neighbors had a '50, a small motorcycle which Jacob helped me learn how to ride one day. It is one of my favorite pictures. You can see the lovely resort too.

Needless to say, how I wish I were there today driving my Bayliner around that lake which is 12 miles around, swimming in that lovely velvet water, and being with all my family all day long for two weeks. Here I am driving the boat.


Just a few memories to share with you all.

This is Ian swimming at the end of the pier.

That's all, folks. Glad you could come along.


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