Monday, September 28, 2009

Death of Panty Hose

It was homecoming for several local high schools last Friday and many appeared for dinner at one of my favorite restaurants. There were girls with dates but many more were going stag. Where heretofore they had chosen to bare as much of their boobs as was legal, apparently this year was the year of the leg.

I didn’t know that mini-skirts were back in but the vote for them in my town was unanimous. And my how mini!!! Some looked as though they had swimsuits on with the dress just barely covering their butts .

If ever a female could get away with wearing this style successfully, it should be high school girls with their young, supple and thin figures. But I felt there was a huge flaw in their appearance. Bare legs just don’t go with lovely expensive dresses which go up to here, and spike - heeled shoes. One especially tall girl looked three-fourths legs!

When panty hose first came out they were built so one could get them on without making oneself into a pretzel. Talk about hot flashes. One was so worn out and sweaty after all the gyrations just completed one hardly was able to finish dressing. There was a sort of built in panty which made it relatively easy to put on and was very comfortable.

Then the people, undoubtably men, had the idea of making it into a sort of girdle to help you hold your gut in. The top got narrower and narrower. I detested them.

I don’t think I was alone. I imagine the heavier you were, the harder it was to get them on. I even bought the XXlarge queen size, when according to the chart; I could have fit into a medium. Wrinkled with too much hose. They didn’t work either.

I bet if I could start up a business making panty hose the way they used to be, I could be a millionaire in no time. Bare white legs are ugly and I rue the day they became fashionable. What do you think?


Wander to the Wayside said...

I'm not sure when exactly hose went out of style (because once I left the work force I went to jeans and tees), but I think it had something to do with a women's lib thing, as I remember reading articles in magazines about how it wasn't fair that we had to be tortured like that after they got so tight and all. I like the look if the legs are shaved and nicely lotioned, but I'd think that heels would be uncomfortable without them.

We had mini skirts in my generation but the maxi skirt, to me, is obscene on a teenager, just as the bare low rise stuff was. I also hate the boobs being almost totally it on a teenager or 55 year old! I'm not talking tight, but the in your face skin and almost falling out of the top. Why is it that the bigger the boobs, the more 'offensive' it seems to be?

I'm not a prude by any means, and I appreciate the beauty of a woman's body and the appeal of a young person expressing their sexuality, but I think some aspects of our dress code have just gone off on the wrong direction. That's just my opinion!

Good post, Bernie!

Helena Halme said...

I hate tights (or pantyhose as you Americans say). Hate, hate, hate. And I used to have to wear them as an extra layer under my trousers in the winter when I still lived in Finland. It wasn't just the getting them on but the way they cut into your waist that I hated. Whatever the size, they'd be tight there. Now I wear something called 'stay-ups'.

I agree about white legs and short skirts. You have to have a little bit of colour, good legs and small bum...that's me out then, so on go my hold-ups when summer is over.

Love you blog, by the way, I'm new here!

Helena Halme said...

There's an award for you on my blog!

Bernie said...

I have never liked the bare legs look either and its been that way a few years now. Even when younger I always liked panyhose when wearing a dress or skirt.
I seldom wear dresses anymore but when I do you can count on it, I am wearing panty hose. I much prefer them to the old girdles we use to wear.
The young people like to express themselves in ways I don't understand, piercings, tatoos, pink seems everyone wants their own look whereas when I was younger I wanted to fit it and be like everyone else. Go figure eh!
Great post my friend.....:-) Hugs

Wanda said...

I so's nice to be at ease with your body...but there is a limit...too much exposure is not a good thing...Panty hose were ok if you could find a style that fit properly.
Maybe the popularity of pants made pantyhose unnecesary...they will be revived most likely.

Midlife Jobhunter said...

When my niece first told me I didn't have to wrestle a pair of panty hose onto my hot flashing body to attend a wedding, I said a thankful prayer for the new style. Of course, my dress was only just above my knee and I knew my shoes would be thrown off as soon as the first dance began. Totally works for me.

Deb Shucka said...

I will do anything to not have to wear those monstrous things ever again. Even if it means wearing pants for the rest of my life. I think girls are going hose-less these days because it's what all the stars do when they walk the red carpet.

Baiba Kreger said...

I totally agre with you on the pantyhose issue for women over 50-60+. If I do manage to get them on, they end up on my groin area within minutes. A book for non-control top pantyhose makers for dummies is needed. Let's face it, at our age, there is nothing left to control!

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