Saturday, May 14, 2011


We left from this Spring storm which left us with 16 inches of snow in one day with thunder and lighting mixed in.

We arrived to this delightful view from the lake house toward the setting sun over the mountain, well, sort of a mountain. It reminds me of the one in Phoenix. 80 degrees and lovely. Guests visit by boat every now and then.

We went out to eat and of course we started out with the ubiquitous Margarita pictured here and it was delicious!

Here we all are at dinner--my sons and daughter and grandsons and wives and husbands--all except the two Jordans and Jim and Bill. We had wonderful food and fun.

We met these two newlyweds (well, one year anniversary really) out for a spin while I was out driving the boat around
on my last day. My grandson Jacob and his wife Chelsea.

We had a couple of cold rainy days--most unusual for Texas this time of year, so I taught some of my grandchildren how to play hand and foot. They liked it and we played for several hours.
It was fun as the boys were always trying to cheat!

And sometimes we just hung out on the balcony.

We had a visit from this Great Blue Heron. You can see how big he is by comparing him to the pots. He was a 747 when he finally flew away.

And we had this darling baby goose with his parents and fed them every day.

Jim and I taking a swim

Happiest driving the big boat!

Going really fast! It is so much fun!

Julie was supposed to take a video of when I went past, but she didn't know how to use my camera to do that so we just have the stills.

Great boat!

The end of a perfect day.


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