Saturday, September 17, 2011


I have always thought that the fall of the year was really the more beginning of things than New Year's which falls in the dead of winter after all the activities of Christmas and nothing to look forward to but January, February and March and Income Tax time. 

Ah fall with its bright blue skies, lovely moderate temps, the leaves on the trees beginning to turn eleven different colors with the blue spruces and other fir trees behind them or in the midst of them accenting their beauty.   Everything starts up again.  The most obvious being school which takes on many meanings for different people. Teacher's best three things about teaching--June, July, and August are now over for another year.  Some young mother's are sending their first born  away from home for the first time.  Mothers with older children are breathing a sigh of relief that summer is over.

Churches start up their Sunday Schools and other programs.  And of course, FOOTBALL is back and the Green Bay Packers are filling our daily newspapers with trivea on all the injuries and predictions of future wins.  High school  football is just as important and comcert series and all kinds of things!  Can't  you feel the excitement of a new fall?

Out come the heavier clothes that are kinder to the human form and can cover a lot of deficiencies.  You can hit your ball farther on the golf course because the ground is harder and they roll baby roll.  I'm sure you all can think of other things that fall brings.  It is my favorite time of the year.

Just a note in closing.  I have found out this summer that Old? Who? Me? has now occurred and I am glad this summer when I was in sick bay most of it is now over.  I have seen so many doctors and ERs and they can't find the source of my problem so I am leaving for the Mayo Clinic Sunday.   As usual, I pray for strength and courage.


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