Monday, October 25, 2010


Click on link to see the Ink Spots sing "Do I Worry?"

I have always read and heard that the things you worry about almost never happen. So I figured early on in life that yep that seems the way to go and so I took up worrying. I am about the best worrier you will ever find in this life. Like having my tooth pulled recently, for instance. I worried and worried and it was postponed so many times and then the day finally came . I went in and bravely stood at the counter and said “I am here to have my wisdom tooth pulled.”

It was a piece of cake. He put in the IV and I was talking to him and then while I am looking at him he says,” You’re done. The tooth is out.” At least that is the way it seemed to me. I could not believe that any time had elapsed, that I was not conscious, and did not see or feel anything. But I’ll take it. Believe me. What a load off my shoulders! I really am a wimp. So many of us worry about things beginning when we are very young and all through life.

I remember when son No. 2 was a little boy and was so obsessed with the idea that there were elephants under his bed. We had been planning a trip to visit my brother in Kansas City . They have a great zoo and we thought it might be a good idea to show Jimmy what an elephant looked like and that it could not possibly get under his bed. I shall never forget the look on Jimmy’s face when he saw these huge monsters of the wild. A rare moment.

When we are young we worry about such little things as a zit on the end of our nose before the big dance. Or that Shirley has bigger boobs than I have and the boys will like her and not me. We worry about tests we have to take and we used to worry about those new-fangled home permanents that they would turn our hair green or make it all fall out or something. (Bet most of you don't even know about those!)

Do you think these jeans fit my butt tight enough? Do you think I will get a bid to the Prom? Will my dinner turn out right and will my guests like it?

I don’t know if anyone ever beats the habit. There is always this little nag that if I don’t worry, it will happen. I think we all worry ---some more than others. Is it worth it? Causes a lot of wear and tear on the psyche. But if it prevents catastrophes from happening I’m all for it.

{Be sure to listen to the Inkspots ----from the 40's I think. My brother loved them.
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Sunday, October 3, 2010


Only five days left before the thing I have been dreading for so long will transpire. I have to have a big ole wisdom tooth pulled! About 57 years ago, Bill had a mavelous dentist that he had gone to almost his whole life. He even had his office on one side of his house in Bill's neighborhood. He filled this tooth for me then and it has lasted this long.

I had always hated dentists from the time when I was a teenager and went to a dentist that should not even have had a license. In those days, most dentist's offices were on the second floor above a store in the downtown area. I shall never forget whenever I had an appointment, I would have to stop at the gas station john and then at the grocery store john and then at the library john before I reached that long stairway that went up to hell. He would call you in and sit you in the chair and start drilling. Yeah, you read right. I think he was the firstproponent of the phrase,"drill Baby drill" and a relative of Sarah Palin. No novocaine, nothing. and he would drill first one and then another and if you made a noise in pain he merely turned the radio up louder. You were done in 15 minutes. I guess he was the only dentist my parents could afford.

After Bill and I were married and I met his dentist. I was always so nervous and one day this man stopped and stood in front of me and said, "I will try my best not to hurt you. I worry about hurting my patient so instead of worrying coming here, just remember I am afraid of hurting you." And he was so gentle and kept asking if I was doing all right and alleviated my fears.

Getting back to this wisdom tooth, this wonderful dentist was drilling a cavity in this wisdom tooth and it was deep and he wondered if the filling he put in would last even a day or a week or just how long. Well, as I mentioned, that was a long time ago and it has been fine ever since. But I was eating something one day last Spring and the tooth broke in half. My present dentist said it would not be feasible to put a crown on it and that it should be pulled.

This is my third attempt to get it done. I think the first time was postponed because I could not sit when I broke my tailbone. The second was postponed for it was scheduled the day Bill died. And so the time has come to face it finally and I am not looking forward to it at all. Although it has not pained me, it has worn down even more and I know I have to do it.



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