Thursday, April 21, 2011


We're flying! We're flying! Oh how my heart aches for all you guys that have to face all this snow and sleet and wind as I fly down to the sunny beaches of Texas to bask in the sun! It almost makes me want to stay home because I feel so bad about that. And if you believe that, I have this land down in Florida..........

By the way, I'm riding with these guys!

Really tho, I am feeling so fortunate to be able to get out of this April Christmas weather. Julie tells me it is 90 down there. That can get a mite uncomfortable so I guess I'll be living in the water for 17 days. I s'pose I have to get out sometime or my skin will get more puckery that it already is.

Well, I just had to tell all you people my good fortune. And by the way, this is my 100th post. I started in 2009 in August and I feel that I have made so many new friends. When Bill died, your comments were the ones I cherished and Julie mentioned that she noticed all the wonderful support you gave. Thank you again for that.

So I get to drive Bob's boat. No speeding tickets on the lake! By the way, the one car speeding ticket is off in May and so now I just have the one left. I think it runs another year. That was a three year one. So I have 8 points left. A lot better than the five I was going with. I've been so good driving right at the speed limit.

Got the invite to the Bellin Run today for the one mile walk. Would like to do it just one more year. Like the t-shirts.

Wonder where I will get 100 more topics to write about? Who was it? YaYa, who said she could not imagine anyone having trouble finding something to write about? Well, I do. So here's to another 100. Maybe.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Last night I went to the symphony. Bill and I used to go to the symphony and it is rather difficult to go alone now. It was brought so poignantly to my attention last night as the senior (and I use the word senior to show that they were not what I consider old) couple I was sitting next to were holding hands to share the feelings that the music was sending to their souls. Bill and I used to do that. I almost grabbed this guy’s other hand to see if it would help my lost feeling. A tiny example of the things that bind people together.

It is called sharing. The sharing of life’s experiences over a long period of time cements a couple together that man cannot break asunder. As I look back more and more these past few months, I am remembering events, problems, joys---all becoming more vivid as time goes on.

The early years where we had a long honeymoon as Bill was teaching 100 miles away and came to me only on weekends. The time I told him of my becoming pregnant with our first child. Those early months with the first child when we were up all night trying to feed him. We were so woefully inexperienced taking one and one-half hours to get 3 oz. down him with a nipple hole so small the poor kid was sucking and sucking and not getting much. By the time he finished one feeding, soon it was time for another and we thought it had to be warm and Bill kept running to the kitchen to heat it up and I kept feeding it to him. Finally I burnt a needle and made a bigger hole and that problem was solved. Sounds so simple now but we were so afraid to make a mistake then. The book (Dr. Spock) said not to feed him too fast because then he would get colic.

All of the four children’s triumphs and failures. The decisions for running for election and the triumphant run for the Clerk of Court. The decision to go for the Judicial Administrator’s degree and the move to Denver. The loss of a job in Michigan later and his departure for Iowa for two years while we stayed in Michigan. Back to weekends again. The triumphant landing of the position in Wisconsin with his choice of three cities. Feast and famine.

The physical trials of all three boys with hernia surgeries at 7 weeks, 9 weeks and 12 weeks. The first, misdiagnosed and just being saved by calling in a new surgeon and only a few minutes. The teenage trials with scoliosis, one wearing a brace, and one having spinal surgery. Me with breast cancer and nose cancer and lung biopsy and another breast cancer and Bill with hiatal hernia surgery a few weeks after a move to Wisconsin where the doc I just met told me he had a 10% chance of living through it. Then this surgery having to be done over at the Mayo Clinic when the stitches all started to come out. And a lot more but all blessed with full recoveries. We went through it all. Sharing.

Hang in there, folks, through the good and the bad. It will be worth it in the end. Though he is gone, I have great memories and lots of them from a long life together. How I wish he were still here, but well and himself again!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Invasion of the Privacy Law

If you have been watching any TV lately, you may have been seeing some strange commercials. Some do not make any sense at all. Some border on the line between what is acceptable and what is not. I have been taking note of the ones that are what I consider some of the biggest offenders.

The one that got me started was the one with the wife holding onto a package of toilet paper. She is saying that it has made such a difference in her life and that her husband is using it right now. Just then he opens the door (obviously the bathroom) and saying something like I feel great and we are going out dancing tonight. What kind of picture does that place in your mind?

Absolutely stupid is the 5 Hr. Energy drink. Guy wakes up to his ALARM CLOCK which he obviously set the night before and looks at it and says, Geez, I have to be at the office in only 20 minutes. No time for coffee. So he swigs down this little bottle of caffeine (tho if fact be known, it contains less than coffee) and thus hurried on to work saying “No hassle wait to get to work.” Now why would he SET the alarm so that he would only have 20 min to get to work?

We all have been bombarded with all the sex dysfunctional remedies available If you don’t mind having one of your bodily parts expand for too long or go blind or deaf, this is the product for you. And what’s with the two bathtubs in the middle of the woods? I looked it up on Bing and there were many comments on the why of the two bathtubs. And some are pretty funny but I dasn’t quote them here.

Charmin has come out with new ads too. Woman shown caressing a package of toilet paper, the ending line being “Enjoy the go”.

And TV isn’t the only offender. Why, for instance, did they name the family in the movie THE LITTLE FOCKERS ? Which reminds me of when I was teaching, I had several students with the German name Fochs and every time I had to call roll, I would pronounce the first name loudly and practically swallow the last because I didn’t want to say it.

Why is there such a need to be so explicit nowadays and why do we have to hear about what used to be considered private matters? And so often are they shown. Am I showing my age by finding these ads irritating? Don’t answer that!


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