Sunday, June 19, 2011

It's Called a Lifetime, Stupid

Dr. Mehmeh Oz

"The reason so many otherwise rational people don’t screen themselves for disease is not that they don’t understand the risks—they do. And it’s not even that they believe they’re somehow immune from disease or death. We all grasp that in a primal way from the time we’re very small. But even as we age, death still seems somehow remote—something that will happen at some vaguely later time and that we’ll deal with it in some hard-to-fathom way. It’s that distance that helps us cope with the idea of our mortality."

When I found this gem of philosophy I latched on to it and felt that here was a real explanation of how I had felt for a long time. Actually I have been feeling rather stupid because of my lack of realizing that there would one day be an end to our lives as we knew it. Oh, I cared for my mom when I was 23 when she suffered so and died of cancer . My dad died when I was in my 30's and my sister died when I was 56 but somehow in my mind I guess I thought Bill and I would go on forever.

He had Alzheimer's maybe (they never knew for sure) but his folks had all lived into their 90's and Bill was in good health until near the end. And we who had been one for so long were ripped apart with great pain and a lot of you know how that feels. So I just thought I would share this quotation with you because some of you might have the same problem I had. I have come to the realization that everyone has a lifetime--even stupid me. I know this sounds crazy and perhaps I haven't explained it well. But I tried. I guess you could call it an acceptance I can tolerate.

On a happier note I have included some beautiful pictures I have taken. The first two is of a garden in Shawano, Wisconsin. I have visited that garden many times in the past. Mrs. Riley says they have been there building this huge garden with every kind of flower for over 50 years. Her hands were encrusted almost with soil. No gardening gloves for her!!

These are the two mannequins Mrs. Riley has added to the garden. They are up on the porch that overlooks the garden. The mannequins really add to the ambiance of the garden.

This is my backyard flower garden with my dog Dodger blending in so well with the green grass. My son, Jim, has put out 4 bird feeders in the back yard and the other day he came home and I told him to look out and all feeders were full of cardinals a
and those redheaded redbibbed sparrows or
whatever they are called and underneath were 4
squirrels, two bunnies, and two two mourning doves. Jim said he felt like Francis of Assisi.

This is the front of my house. Jim has planted and planted, though I did the pots.

Here's Dodger on his 2nd birthday. He is a fine dog.

I leave you with the sunset over the bay. Green Bay that is.


Giada said...

I am a bit 'in trouble with the English language, but with a little patience I was able to read and understand. Thank you for what you share with your blog, always with sincerity and simplicity ... you are a person with so much to say, and so much to communicate.
Thanks Bernie, a hug ♥

The Book Nut said...

Death comes to all of us sooner or later. The trick is to make the most of life. Death doesn't need my help so I don't worry about it. Living is up to us and what we do with our lives is what is important! As a Christian, I am looking forward to going home to be with the Lord. While I wait, I'll be the best person I can be! :)

Those are some beautiful pictures. I love seeing a well cared for flower bed. I don't want to be the one caring for it though! :)

Dodger is beautiful! I bet he's a wonderful dog!

Masia Mum said...

I read recently that there is now some scientific test you can take which,supposedly, can accurately predict the age you are likely to die. Frankly, maybe I am sticking my head in the sand, I don't want to know. I try not to think about dying while concentrating on enjoying living. I do have my down moments when I remember that my Mother died only 10 years older than I am now but my Dad was active almost up to when he died at 86 so I am banishing all morbid thoughts. Bernie, do come and add your wisdom to my new blog for us "Wise Old Birds" or as my friends call us WOBS ON THE WEB, you can reach it through my main blog.

Jenean said...

I love the story about the bird feeder. I have a feeder up under my feeder I get mallard ducks!

I love the thoughts on death too. If I were god that is one thing I would change I think.

Man,would be a crowded world....

yaya said...

I forget many times that I won't have another 50yrs. to get my closets organized, my banking balanced, my garden as pretty as yours and the one pictured..and I will not be working forever..although it sure seems that way sometimes! My Dad passed away at 56..Mom is now 85 and I'm not sure where that leaves me..but in the mean time I guess I'll just have to enjoy each day and death will get here when it's ready...cluttered closets or not!

Professional1984 said...

Beautiful garden and home photos! Loved it. Thanks for sharing.

Midlife Jobhunter said...

Yes, acceptance is a key. I believe it is how we keep going. No sense waiting for it to happen. Need to live since we've been given the life.

I just love those mannequins on the deck. I admire the imagine and humor.

Deb Shucka said...

I think the best thing about being aware of our mortality is that it makes the time we have seem even more precious. I loved the contrast between the first half of this post, and the second. You clearly love your life, and live it fully.

You have a gorgeous home. Happy birthday to Dodger - I'm so glad you have each other.

hcg diet recipes said...

That is the best lesson in life, learn to live simple and appreciate things that surrounds you.

Anita said...

I must say that this is the first time I've seen finely dressed mannequins on the deck of a home. Imagine someone coming to that house to do a job, and their surprise when they see two still "women" staring at them. :)

I like Dr. Oz's quote. I think he's right.

Thanks for sharing the pictures that display the beauty or our lives.

Giada said...

hello Bernie, thanks for your comment ...
so far I have only participated in group exhibitions ... who knows one day be able to do a show of my own!
In the U.S. I participated to "The Sketchbook Project 2011", I think now my sketchbook is in San Francisco, is a traveling exhibition.
Thank you



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