Sunday, March 6, 2011

Gorgeous Music Soothes this Savage Beast

I have just been blissfully entertained by this on my public TV station. It was a 25th celebration of Les Miserables in concert, and though I have seen it before many years ago, it was fantastic tonight. It was staged in London and they ended up with an encore including many of the former Jean Valjean portrayers singing some of the songs, especially the Bring Him Home number. It was so spectacular and done so beautifully! What lovely voices they had and how all four sang it in sinc and just as beautifully as the next guy.

I can't remember when I have enjoyed a concert so much. I was so moved by it often. That is not easy to do to a television listener where there are so many distractions in one's home, but they did it! Jim took Dodger (my dog) and went down to Sheboygan to Jordan's and so I was lucky to be home without any distractions at all. I'm eager to hear if Helena was there. I looked for you in the audience, but that arena must hold thousands. :) I hope many of you listened to this feast of beautiful music with me.

I kept wanting to contribute tonight over and over, but I have a video of a performance somewhere which I bought the last time I watched it. Bill and I saw the play in Chicago many years ago too, but we had terrible seats and were not able to even follow it until the second half when we moved down to a closer balcony. (Got those tickets over the phone and she assured me they were in the balcony just above the orchestra!)

Public TV I support and it is one of the best things I give to. I think Phantom of the Opera just was supplanted by Les Miz as my very favorite. At least for tonight.


Wanda..... said...

Without~*~Music~*~The world would be gray all the time. Glad you had such an enjoyment, Bernie!

I hookup to my Rhapsody account for easy listening of my favorite tunes throughout my home, makes housework, almost enjoyable!

yaya said...

I love PBS and think they put on the best of the best for the that's entertainment! Glad you enjoyed it so much!

Frank said...

I just DVR'd this program last night to watch at a later date. Not so sure that Les Mis could ever take over Phantom as my favorite, but it is wonderful to listen to either way.

Glad that you enjoyed it!

Nancy said...

We had the good fortune to see it in a local theater years ago. I'm sure it was nothing like a production in London, but we enjoyed it nonetheless. Sometimes viewing it on television is better. You really get to see close ups. I feel that way about concerts as well.

I loved your comment on my blog about water. I feel exactly the same way about the stuff. :-)

Barb said...

I saw Les Miserables twice in the theater. Glad you could have some time alone to enjoy the whole production, Bernie. I'm sure it brought back memories of the time you and Bill saw it together. Hope you are nearing spring where you are - still much snow in the mountains for me.

Anita said...

I've often thought that I need to slow down, sit, and watch some quality TV. You've convinced me to check the listings and to plan a date with the sofa. Maybe the husband will join me. :)

Midlife Jobhunter said...

I have to admit my ignorance. I haven't ever seen Le Mis. My friend, Lisa, listens to the music every time she takes a road trip. I think I'm missing something.

Phantom - I cry when I hear that music.

As for PBS, seems I'm tuned most often to that channel, and always NPR on my car radio. Indispensable. Why are so many afraid of it?

Michelle Wells Grant said...

I'm so inspired to watch it again! I remember my Dad loved it too. So good to be back in touch with you, Bernie. Thanks so much for adding my new blog to your list .... I've just put yours on my new one too!

Bernie said...

Using Bernie's method, I am going to add that Les Miz was on again tonight and I loved it again and I broke down and ordered a copy.

It may be on anytime in your area. It all depends on your own state's public television, so if you love beautiful things, find it and listen.

Deb Shucka said...

PBS is one of the greatest things about living in our world, I think. I didn't see this concert, but love LeMiz. Not quite as much as Phantom (which I just got to see on Broadway), but great music is great music. I'm glad you had such a great evening.


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