Friday, February 11, 2011


Jim has been making these Swedish Tea Rings since Christmas. It is a specialty of his. He brought some to various Christmas events at his Church and now everyone wants one!

And now for that yearly task of gathering all my files together to get the data for my income tax ready. It is sort of interesting to go through each months files of receipts and checks --a sort of review of the past year. My bank does not send the checks back anymore---it just makes a copy of them and I must say I have found out I have to improve my writing because sometimes I cannot tell to whom it was written. Usually the ones written to various charities with strange names. Course I guess it really doesn't matter as it would go under contributions==a jumble of letters. If they ever audit me --let them figure it out!

It is still cold here in Wisconsin--below zero at night. I woke up the other night and my face felt frozen. Warm everywhere else though. Have you ever thought how we cover our bodies like when we go outside and in bed and our poor faces are bare and right out there? And women from time immemorial have lavished lotions and creams on their faces to keep them soft and smooth and here they are subject to the toughest test. Course some have gobs of make-up on--maybe that protects them some! My one grandson always takes the pillow and puts it over his head. Maybe he has something there though I have often wondered what he does for oxygen.

Speaking of my grandson, it is soon about time to think of another visit to Texas. About March I think. Though they have had a cold winter there too for them.

I have been reading some blogs lately and seeing some wonderful pictures and paintings. My, we do have some talented people out there. I have one friend from Scotland who paints miniatures and she always has a penny faintly somewhere to illustrate how tiny the painting is. I wrote her that it is easy to see as she enlarges them for her blog, but what do the originals look like? And she does wonderful work. So why miniatures? If I could paint that well I would paint big so everyone c ould see how great it was. I guess I am just uninformed because they have miniature painting societies and everything so there are a lot of them and it is a valid medium.Her blog?"WatercolourArtist Diary" Just poke on it and you will get her blog.

Back to my files and the income tax preparation. Wish some of these big corporations with their millions owed in back taxes would pay up. And the loop holes the others use to avoid paying. It always irks me when I read about them. Oh well, and so it goes.


Jane said...

It was -2 here in tennessee this morning,our coldest temp's yet! The income tax thing is behind me for another year. Stay warm! Blessings jane

Barb said...

Hi Bernie, Still cold here in CO, too. I'm in the city just now, and it is supposed to go into the 50's this weekend, so hopefully most of the snow will melt. As for the Mts - we won't see bare ground until at least May. You are very organized and early with the taxes. My husband puts off the task because it makes him grouchy!

Bernie said...

Our taxes don't have to be mailed until April 30th and I too am in the middle of gathering everything together for my CA. I don't mind paying my share but just for once I would like to have some returned to me.....our weather has warmed up though it is cloudy. Have a great weekend and Jim's tea rings look delicious. Say hello to "the special daughter Julie" from me.....:-)Hugs

yaya said...

Every year I say I will get all our "stuff" to the accountant early..every year it goes in around April 10th and he doesn't do it until late summer. I think for sure this year I want my refund..if any! come a bit earlier! Beautiful cakes by the way, I can see why they are so popular..Yumm!

Angie said...

Good luck with your income tax a large slice of that cake aids the concentration.

Deb Shucka said...

Those teacakes look so yummy! I really enjoyed visiting Tracy's site, and traveling along with your mind wanders.

Wanda..... said...

Jim appears to be an excellent baker, Bernie.

Tax time used to be so complicated for us when we had rental properties, but things are simpler now and husband does them online.

It is finally warming up here, may hit 50 tomorrow. I visited your friend's blog... Tracy's miniature paintings were extraordinary.

Tracy Hall said...

Thank you so much for the mention Bernie! I have tried to answer your questions about miniatures over on my blog and I hope it helps a little - although I am not very good at explaining. I really hope you get to see a miniature show some day, I know you will love it.
Those tea rings looks simply scrumpious!

Giada said...

You're right, Tracy Hall is a great artist.
I love her watercolors, and I often visit her blog.

Those cakes looks delicious!
Ciao, Giada

Bernie said...

Hey, it was 40 degrees here today and it is supposed to be mild all week!

I am so glad some of you took the time to discover Tracy's gorgeous paintings. She is so talented!

Grumpy Old Ken said...

2nd try, made a muck up.
You might like my next post, its about old things! Anyway, you don't come over as old!

Not filled a tax form in in years!


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