Monday, January 17, 2011

My World Today

Today is a snowy day and the first thing that my Golden Retriever did was go out and make another of his angels in the snow. I did get a picture of it this time and I hope you can see it O.K.

He makes one just about each time we let him out .

I do love a day like today when you feel so warm and cozy in the house and have enough goodies stored to keep you happy and a good book to read. I am reading Anna Quindlen's Every Last One for one of my LIR (Learning in Retirement) classes which begin up at the University this week. My watercolor class starts on Wednesday. It is the only one which is held in the morning , she offers wryly, as those who know I only am ready to get going in the afternoon. It is hard to get up when one has just turned out the light at 1:30 or 2:00 the night before.

I am also taking a class called The Circadian Novel (books whose stories are contained within a single day). James Joyce's Ulysses is probably the best known example and we all know how we feel about that one. But we are to start with Saturday by Ian McEwan. Haven't obtained that one yet and with this snowstorm will probably not get it today. I do remember reading A Day in the Life of Ivan Ivanovich for Russian history. All I remember is how hungry he was and how he chewed up the fishbones in the soup and ate them too.

Green Bay is riding high these days after the Packers beat the Falcons last Saturday night. It will be quite a tradition to see the Chicago Bears and the Packers in the NFC championship game---long time rivals and they hate each other. Every coach that comes here hears first of all that he must beat the Bears. I hope Aaron, our fantastic quarterback, doesn't get hurt. Chicago plays

Though it is a long time away yet, I have decided to go back to Green Lake in Minnesota this year. It is way too expensive and impractical, but I have decided how long do I have to be practical and why should I be? I am happy with my decision. None of my family will be there but the lake still is and I hope to get a hitch on my car and take my Bayliner with me. It is about 400 miles from here and all of my family are laughing to think I would try such a stunt, but we'll get there somehow come hell or high water.

I hope you all are safe from all the terrible weather some parts of the world is experiencing. You in Australia and you who live out East and you in California and other spots that have problems. Do you really think it is Global Warming or just the 20 or 30 year cycle that some claim it to be?


The Book Nut said...

I wrote a review on Saturday, it was an interesting book. I hope you have fun with it!

As for the weather, I think it's just a cycle. I just had a guy tell me that global warming doesn't have as much to do with the hole in the ozone as it does with clouds. (I scratched my head at that one.) He said if we could get rid of the clouds we wouldn't have a global warming problem anymore! I just didn't know what to say to that! :) You get so many theories, my plan is to wait and see what happens and then decide, I think that will be the more accurate approach! :)

Donna said...

Hi Bernie....You dog makes awesome snowdogs!! Good job boy!! I love your philosphy about Green Lake! One should enjoy the good things they enjoy about life within reason because there are so few opportunites to do so...have fun dreaming about the trip!!

Wanda..... said...

Hi Bernie...a snow angel making dog, good books to read, a warm and cozy house and a lake trip to look forward to...your world sounds good. We have snow and very cold temps here, but nothing serious to deal with, weather wise, it's just winter. Enjoy your activities, Bernie!

yaya said...

Holy Cow, you are a busy girl! Painting classes (I'm jealous), books to read, classes to attend, and trips to plan! I think the weather is a cycle thing, but I do believe we humans need to take better care of this wonderful world.

Barb said...

Bernie - you are so busy and also making plans for summer. Be careful walking and driving in the snow and ice. We're having a winter blizzard here in the mountains of CO. I'll ski in fresh powder tomorrow.

Bernie said...

Hello my friend, so happy to see you enjoying a full schedule of the many things you it!
It is very cold here also and we must have over 6 feet of snow on the ground, it has been snowing for days but is suppose to begin a warm up tomorrow for a few days. I am so looking forward to that.

Deb Shucka said...

I just love your sense of adventure. It would be cool to see a pic of your dog making his snow angel. :-) I hope you continue to enjoy your cozy indoors and reading time.

Leanne said...

A dog angel? I LOVE it. And yep, I'm going with the cycle answer to the weather changes too. The whole idea of global warming just scares me too much to go there.... :)

Disaster said...

your blog is terrific. :) i used to read it last year & i've picked up blogging again so i'll be reading it again from my new blog. i love the snowdogs. :)

Cheryl said...

Hi Bernie, thanks for stopping by Kangaroos of the Scrubby Bush. Sorry I'm not doing much but normal posts will resume after April 1st when I finish this job! See you then.

Blipfillypicklepoo said...

Hi Bernie ~ Somehow I missed this post. Dog angels - very cool. I wish my dog would do creative things like that.... she just howls at real and imagined things and makes the neighbors wish I would move. Your post reminds me of my mom (gone almost 10 years now). She just never stopped while she was alive - taking classes, going on adventures, cooking up new and amazing things to do. I wish you well both on your cozy, contented winter and on your travels. Take care.

June said...

Oh boy, good for you, planning to go to the lake.
The only boat we ever owned was a 27.5' Bayliner. Lord, I loved that thing...sleeping in the aft cabin with the water sloshing around a few inches from my head. Only thing was that the little door INTO the aft cabin was . . . small. And the ceiling over the bed was so low that I couldn't sit up. I had to concentrate very hard not to feel claustrophobic.


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