Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Tis Father's Day Me Hearties and

We Must Give Him His Due.

So Lift a Glass of Spirits Now

And Toast Thy Sire Anew.

Yeah. go Dad! Father's Day is a fairly recent designation which was invented purely in response to Mother's Day. Of that, I am certain. You know men. We can't even be pregnant by ourselves anymore. I read the other day that they have now discovered that men who learn they are about to become fathers go through some of the same symtoms as the women. Now give me a break!

Well, let's face it. Dads are important. Many families are without dads and thrive O.K. but not as lucky as the nuclear family. For some of us, our dads had a terrific impact on our lives. For many, especially daughters, dads are the favorite parent. For others, not so much.

If you were born to parents from Sweden, the father was the ruler and big man of the house and his wife was there to serve him and his children. I was raised in such a house. Not only was he the father and man of the house, but a priest as well. {They call them that in Sweden instead of pastors) Someone asked me once if I loved my father. Yes, I did, but I respected and admired him more. What he did in his lifetime as an immigrant coming from Sweden in 1901 is truly amazing . Not speaking English to becoming a public speaker ( and very good at it too), holding positions of consequence in the communities he lived in, being a loved and respected pastor leaves me in awe of him. I cherish his memory.

As for my own children's father, I don't have to wonder what they think of him at all. I believe they all loved him with all their hearts. I picked a good man for them. I believe he is the favorite parent. They always talk about how they could come to him with their problems and he always had help for them. Me, they talk about my cooking!!!!

They all came home for his 75th birthday. Here are a few pictures of the before going-out-to-dinner activities with Julie and her dad. And one picture of the Michigan State basketball game down in San Antonio just a few years ago. That is little Jordan with him in the stands.

So Bless Them All the Blackards
Bless the Strong Bravehearts too
Tis Deep In Our Hearts They lie
Blimey. hand me another brew.


yaya said...

Arrgggg! I like the poem! Father's day was started by a woman actually. She was from Spokane, Wash...just some info from my brain! I loved my Dad and miss him every day. He passed away when I was 23..Mom was only 49 and she never remarried. They were each other's best friend. My hubby is a really good man too and I'm grateful every day for him!

Wanda said...

I'm sure your children appreciate you for more than your cooking, Bernie!

Those are wonderful photos of Julie and her dad!

Happy Father's Day to him, Bernie!

Giada said...

In my country we celebrate Father's Day on March 19. I am grateful to God for giving me wonderful parents and my dad has always helped me to overcome difficult moments. I still remember when my dad helped me study for university exams. So Happy Father's Day to all our Daddy!

LaraAnn said...

I love your pictures. I feel kind of guilty for being glad that my parents got divorced 18 years ago and for not really wanting to associate with Dad much.

Kat Weaver said...

Oh my, what a wonderful tribute! I loved the photos...and I love the way you wrote about our Dads!! My Dad died, a victim of cancer, at the age of 60, and I miss him very much.

I wish I could tell him that I love him, just one more time.

Ruthibelle said...

aw Bernie. As usual, a truly heartwarming post.

Happy Father's day to dads everywhere.

I have to be grateful for my mother too - she picked a great dad for me :)

Deb Shucka said...

This is a wonderful and unique tribute to dads. Thank you for your funny and inspiring words. It's great to see a younger Julie with her dad, and terrific to see his smiling face.

I just read that this is the 100th Father's Day. And it was started in response to Mother's Day. :-)

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Smashing post. Like being a franddad but people tend to think you're senile at times!

Michelle Wells Grant said...

There's nothing like a great Dad! Mine was the best! Thanks for your tribute to Dads!


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