Monday, January 11, 2010


In Arizona men are laughing and little children shout;
But there is not joy in Green Bay for the mighty Packers lost out.

Yeah, the town is kind of silent here today with people sighing and shaking their heads in disbelief. We should have been the winners of that wonderful game. At least they are saying it was probably the best play off game in history and it was so nerve wracking seesawing back and forth. I knew it would be the team who had the ball last but I thought it was going to be us when their kicker missed the field goal. That was unbelievable! And then to have it end so quickly one could hardly take it in. Arizona played well and their quarterback could score at will so I guess our defense wasn't so hot. Why did they keep to the zone? Oh well, what do I know?

We finally got out of the really cold stuff today but even 25 felt cold. It was sort of damp and that made it feel really colder than it was. It is supposed to get up to 30 something by Wednesday. Hooray. I am sick of winter already.

Talk to you all later. After all, it is just a game, a season, a hope, and for this town a raison d'etre.


Midlife Jobhunter said...

My heart was going haywire throughout the game. Funny how emotional we become. So many downs being so far behind. Then tying it up only lose in the manner you described. Over and not able comprehend. Crap. Now a whole year until the Mighty Packers play again. Perhaps we'll have to cheer for Favre after all.

RNSANE said...

To have lost the game and to be suffering from such bitter cold as well - life doesn't seem fair at all!
I hope you are staying toasty warm, Bernie, in spite of the chill temperatures. Sounds like it was a very exciting game.

I haven't followed football much this year, even in regards to our Forty Niners.

Bernie said...

Bernie, I thought of you as I watched the game and I have to say the first quarter I was stunned but then they did play well.
Was I the only one to see the face mask violation on the Packers last play, I was furious and thought we should of been given the ball back... it was an exciting game though but all my favorite teams lost this weekend.....not good. We will cheer for them again next year.......:-) Hugs

Helena Halme said...

I get like this about football here in the UK too (I guess you call it soccer). Who said women don't follow the sports?

Bear up with the cold, it's below freezing with us too and snow on the ground for a week now and counting. Not anywhere near your temperatures, I'd imagine.

Helena xx

Anonymous said...

It was a great game, and it did end suddenly, very suddenly.


The Weaver of Grass said...

I agree with you about the cold Bernie - it is very damp and foggy here and although the temperature is not as low as it has been it really feels much colder. It is what we call a raw day.
As for the game - dare I ask what game it was, coming as I do from UK.

Valerie said...

I feel like an outsider here, but I appreciate that you all must get great pleasure from these games. I can understand the cold though, it being a mite over freezing and still snowbound in the UK. I was thrilled to see you on my blog followers list and I hope you enjoy your stay... Hugs.

Deb Shucka said...

It's amazing how "just a game" can be so emotionally wrenching. Especially in difficult times.

Anonymous said...

Mom, great story. The silver white Winter will soon be melting into Spring. Hang on there and know I love you.



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