Thursday, January 28, 2010


I have a dancer all dressed in red in my backyard. No matter that it is 5 degrees out not counting wind-chill, she merrily twirls and kicks and dances her heart away. It is fun to watch her and she never tires; tho she takes breaks now and then.

She is a big red bow which my son attached to the big willow for a Christmas decoration. I have left it there and it is a source of enjoyment to see my imaginative little girl dancing away in the breeze. It is amazing that one’s eye can transform an inanimate object to a real live person – a ballet dancer full of grace and beauty.

Some of you might think this is about as entertaining as watching the grass grow. But this has been a long cold snowy hard winter and it doesn’t take much for some of us to find something of interest.

I must share with you the funniest thing I have read today. I was reading Ladybirdworld about comments and her discussion of long versus short howdoyoudos. One person said that he thought of copying the Bible and pasting it as a comment if what she wanted was length. (With tongue in cheek, of course)

It was a great discussion of this topic. Do you write for yourself or for others? Do you enjoy comments or not? Do you leave comments or not and are they relevant to the post you are commenting on

Well, I was on my way somewhere today and even had gone so far that the car was warmed up but when I got out walking to my destination, my COPD kicked in and I turned around and came home. I fully planned on just stopping for a second and go to my next destination but the house felt so warm and cozy after that blast of arctic air that I haven’t moved in that direction yet. But I am going. I am. I have to go down to see my husband today!!!! Just 30 miles back and forth. I can do that. I’m going.


Wander to the Wayside said...

I've kind of done the same thing with a bush far enough out the kitchen window that I couldn't tell what I was looking at - something red, that danced in the wind and wasn't disturbed by the rain. I finally went out yesterday to see what the hell it was - a dog toy that one of the boys had tossed too high and it had gotten stuck. I was almost sorry that I had gone to investigate!

As you know, I like long comments, leaving and receiving.

Sorry about your COPD disrupting your day, but staying home where it's warm is a good thing!

Von said...

Oh much better than watching paint dry!Nice to drop by again, missed you Bernie.

Ladybird World Mother said...

Thank you so much for the link!! And I have just listened to Young At Heart, the Fix you song... oh, my word... still have the tears on my cheeks as I write. Thanks for that wonderful post... I am so fearful of death at the moment as friends seem to be dropping like flies,and now a dear friends mother is dying. But your post has changed all of that. And I really really thank you! Will be back. Most certainly. xxxx

MissKris said...

You and I are alike in the fact that whimsical things like that can bring us endless entertainment! Hope you get to feeling much better soon. It seems like so many are suffering with a variety of ailments and viruses...but Spring will be here soon, and that in itself is something to rejoice. :-D

Wanda said...

I love the thought of your dancing ballerina...I've enjoyed similar things myself. Our world is what we make it!
Visiting your husband is something you enjoy, I know, but this wintry cold is best endured inside. Bundle up, when going out, Bernie.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Hope you manage that thirty mile trip Bernie.

Why do I blog? It is a discipline to make me write every day and think carefully about what I write - then it is a delight to read the comments and to read the blogs of others. I absolutely love it and would not stop blogging for the world.

Barb said...

In my imagination, I can see your red Ballerina twirling, Bernie! I write both to satisfy myself and to engage others. I often receive quite wonderful feedback and comments - like your very thoughtful response, for instance. Hope you could visit your husband.

Bernie said...

I am sure you have managed a visit with your husband by now and feel so much better for it but I also am sure he would understand if the bad weather kept you away a day or so. Just be warm and safe my friend.
I like the thought of you watching your ballrenia in the wind, it's the little things in life that can bring us joy in the moment.
I don't know why I truly started blogging I only know I have grown to love the people, the connection I have made with them through a few honest words....they have become like a special family to me. I think I will continue to blog forever. Now blogger messes me up once in a while as it didn't show me you had posted so I thought I would drop by and check on you am so happy I have. Take care my sweet friend........:-) Hugs

June said...

Not quite the same thing, but...
every morning on my way down the hill I pause to give lots of room to a cottontail poised to cross the road from the end of somebody's crusty snow-edged driveway.
And every morning, I realize that it's a hunk of ice and not a rabbit.
Even as I realize it isn't a bunny, it makes me as happy as if it had been.

Bernie said...

I'm just chcking to see if my new word verification works. I have been getting many comments in my spam file and also one robot or something who has sent about 70 comments on the Door County one. I told Bernie about it and she told me to put that it and it worked for her as she had the same problem. I know it is a pain to have to do but I apologize in advance. Hey, it works!

♥ Braja said...

It's a two way thing, Bernie: some thing I write for my own satisfaction, some for others. It has to be both, otherwise someone is disappointed, no? :))

Anita said...

Wind chimes are my fanciful ballet dancers. :)

Midlife Jobhunter said...

I love to receive comments. Means someone has taken the time to read what I've written.

I also like the image of the dancer in the tree. Thinking there are probably neighbors who like it as well and some who wish you'd take the darn thing down. All in one's perspective, I'm sure.

Hoping for long winter's thaw for you.

Deb Shucka said...

I hope you're feeling better soon.

I love receiving comments and enjoy sharing them as well. Length isn't a factor - it's what's said that matters.

Loved the sweet word picture you created.


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