Monday, August 29, 2011


Change is a word which can include many meanings. If there is one thing certain in our lives it is the fact that there will be changes--some good, some bad. To paraphrase Portia from the Merchant of Venice in her lovely speech about how the quality of mercy is not strained, but drops like the gentle rain on everyone, one could easily insert the word change as having the same quality.

People have different reactions to change. Some crave variety and change while others prefer the status quo. It all depends on what you are talking about. I immediately think of changing one's place of residence. We have had to do this many times in our lives. It is no surprise that all of my children settled in one spot and were determined to stay there the rest of their lives. One said she wanted to have her children graduate from high school with the same kids they started with in kindergarten. And they did. The others are determined to stay where they are too. Except one. Don 't know about him yet

Politicians bombard us with the idea that a change is necessary for this or that office and perhaps I would say that is a good thing. Some enjoy a change of the seasons. Where I live we have an extra season--NFL football season. Others brag about the warmth most of the year around. (They don't talk about the 100 degree summers) We all enjoy a change of scene to go on vacation, new clothes, and some variety in our lives, but we pretty much want the basics to stay the way they are. That is, if your basics are good and not if you are out of a job or homeless. Some have changes in marital status. Kids have to go through mom and dad's divorce or the death of one of the parents or a sibling.

When you start thinking about change, the list grows exponentially (spellcheck doesn't work). I just thought it was an interesting subject. Each of you will think of your own experiences. How did change affect you? Do you wish it could have been different? You can't change it now, but can you turn it into a plus? Or was it a plus to begin with?


Midlife Jobhunter said...

If there is no change, we can't grow, can't get anywhere. As much as change can be difficult, it is inevitable.

yaya said...

I can think that hope goes along with change...the hope that we can be better in change, that circumstances can be better with change..that government can improve with change..that weather can improve with change...and so on. I'm not always good about changing things up in my life but it is necessary and most times rewarding in the end!

Bernie said...

I don't know what is wrong with my computer. I can't comment on anyone else's either. I will work on it and I hope you all come back and comment then.

Bernie said...

It is working now sweetie so whatever you did it worked! xo

Deb Shucka said...

What a thoughtful reflective piece this is Bernie. Change is about the only thing we can count on, I think. And, as Julie said, there is no growth without change, so it's all good. Even when it might not seem so at the time.

Anita said...

I've made many mistakes, but somehow, I hesitate to regret; probably because if I could magically change the past, I don't think I would - because if I did, I don't know where I would have landed.

Does that make any sense? lol

I kinda got a little off topic, too. Oh well.


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