Friday, September 10, 2010


Trust me.

Yeah, right. Whenever anyone says that to me I run the other way. And I bet most of you do too. It is a fact of life that trust is something precious to all of us and affects us in almost all aspects of our lives.

The idea of trust was brought home to me vividly by the many wild birds in our backyard. Jim was out of town for a week and filled up the feeder as much as he could before he left, but it didn't last and it was empty after the fourth day. I could not reach it to fill it up. The beautiful cardinal mom and pop and the red-polled sparrows and the chickadees and all the beautiful birds that came every day disappeared. After three days Jim returned and filled the feeder up to the top and do you know---none have as of yet returned and it has been almost a week.Their trust that the food that sustained them would be there every day was gone.

Trust is a big topic because it is so universal. Whom do you trust? I trusted my husband implicitly and was not betrayed. Marriage is one of the most important areas of our life where we hope to put our trust.

We trust our dentists to numb up the spot to fix our cavities and the doctor to give the right diagnosis to make us well. We trust the food we eat to be healthful (not always so) and that the morning will follow the night. We trust the mechanic to fix our car, tho whenever they rotate the tires I worry about whether they have tightened the lugs enough so the wheel will not come off in the middle of my streaking down the highway. (that's right, I no longer streak until my tickets are over).lol But the point is we do trust them to fix our car so it is safe to drive.

We have to trust some things whether we want to or not. You can't go through life expecting to get screwed all the time. (Just some of the time:}) And it is important to be trustworthy. To teach one's children that you can trust them and the dog so he won't poop in the house.

And most of all, it is important to have a higher being that you can trust who will never fail you.
Trust or faith will carry you through anything. And that is the hardest trust of all for some of us to maintain--the biggest sin--to not have enough trust.


Bernie said...

Oh so true my wise friend.....I could never get through all what life has thrown at me without my faith and trust in God. I do not judge anyone (or try not too) I only want everyone to know the peace and contentment that comes from faith and trust....these are wonderful in ones life. Be well my friend, think of you often. ......:-) Big Hugs

Deb Shucka said...

I trust that whenever I come here I'm going to find wisdom and insight and something to make me laugh.

Joey said...


Wanda..... said...

Trusting one's own judgement and feelings also make a big difference in a person's life. Innocent, well loved children trust so easily.

Donna said... are making me think poignant! And how true...without God, first and foremost to trust in,...there remains little. I love that it is on our money.
Other things are cannot trust money or the economy or health or even that your job may be there forever. I am lucky in that I have a great family and friends whom I trust and a terrific boss. Those are the most important relationships that are worth trusting. Other than that...most things may be gone tomorrow.
Wasn't that an old TV show once..."Who do you trust???"

Catch the Kids said...

Amen. Trust and faith are so closely entwined.

On a related note, I so love red cardinals. Wish we had them in Australia

Gail Durham said...


Freda said...

Thanks for the reminder about trusting a higher power. And what a beautiful bird - it hardly looks real - takes my breath away. Every Blessing

yaya said...

It used to be that a person's handshake was as good as his we have to worry about being sued for every little life are so right about trust and I'm glad I feel I can trust the people in my life, and hopefully myself too!

Midlife Jobhunter said...

"Trust or faith will carry you through anything. And that is the hardest trust of all for some of us to maintain--the biggest sin--to not have enough trust."

Trust in self. Faith in self. Strength in self.

Once in a while said...

Hi Bernie - I've been wrapped up in my own life this summer and haven't paid attention to others. Now I'm back blogging I looked to see what you were doing, I think of you as my number one follower. My thoughts are with you, trust in your faith and and those who are your friends will be thinking of you. I look forward to many more blogs to read. Patrick


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