Tuesday, August 17, 2010


These are some pictures we took the day after Bill died. It was a good call as everyone needed some fun.

Boy, did that Johnson guy ever get screwed at that golf tournament on Sunday! We who live in Wisconsin know that there are sandy spots all over especially near Lake Michigan. The judges live here too, I presume, but what a travesty of justice that decision was. For those of you who are not golfers or did not watch the game, they ruled that he grounded his club when he shot that hole where he was surrounded by fans so that he could barely shoot out of there in the first place, much less see that he was near the edge of a sand trap. He will win out in the end though for the public is now empathetic to his plight and he will probably be more remembered for it that if he had won.

To all of you who expressed your sympathy and condolences I wish to thank you so much. I cannot tell you how your comments meant more to me than a lot of the cards I got. I feel closer to you folks and know that you taking the time to send me a message was far more meaningful than some of those cards.

That said, on the lighter side, it was fun to have all of the sons and daughters at home. We did have one problem however. There were six men, all over 6 feet (except one who shall remain nameless in honor of his feelings) They have trouble hitting the hole as it were and some I swear tried to write their name every morning. One had to examine the seat closely before you even began to sit down every time! And of course they all denied it was they.

Dodger got petted all day long and expected it to continue after they left. I told him that it was over, baby, and that I had other things to attend to. We did have a lot of fun as we always do when we get together. If you think my daughter has a good sense of humor, you should hear the brothers and her go at it. It is a shame that we all live so far from one another.

Jim will be leaving me soon, I think. He has some job prospects back in Denver and has had nothing here. I shall hate to have him go. But LIR (Learning in Retirement) classes start up soon and so that will be good .

Enjoy the rest of the summer. Hopefully it will be cooler than it has been. Isn’t that strange to say?


Bernie said...

Good Morning Bernie, it was wonderful to see you and your family at the beach, what a great way to honor Bill, he would of loved seeing all of you together.
Sorry Jim has to leave, but I suppose one has to go where the jobs are at this time. So happy you are going to Learning in Retirement, I am sure you will love it and having dear Dodger with you for company and take for walks will be good as well. Hang in there sweetie, we care very much for you, sending big hugs from Canada......:-)

Ruthibelle said...

Aw Bernie. THanks for sharing

Wander to the Wayside said...

Life does go on, doesn't it, and those who have left us wouldn't expect anything less. As for the heat, I'm with you! We are totally miserable here in Georgia, and the rains the last few days have only made it worse with the humidity adding to the heat index.

Take care, Bernie.

Wanda..... said...

Hi Bernie, having all the family around you with their smiling faces is a wonderful way to lighten one's heart. The sadness of my dad's passing was eased by wonderful stories told of him, that make us laugh.
When Jim leaves, it's good that you have Dodger to keep you company, and of course all your blogging friends to blog with!

yaya said...

What a great friend Dodger has turned out to be. I'm assuming that you are either the one teaching LIR or you will be the straight A student there! Glad you have such a wonderfully fun family that was there to help get through this rough time. Keep on smiling Bernie and good luck in class!

Von said...

Hi Bernie, so glad to see you're doing ok.To all those who said it wasn't a good idea to get another dog...na-na-nana-na!

Loren said...

Oh Bernie! I am just catching up on you and am so sorry to hear of your husbands passing. I read the post and my heart is with you and your family! Sounds like it has been full of family and wonderful memories as it should be! So happy everyone surrounded you with love and laughter!

Bless you

Professional1984 said...

I have 3 boys/men in my home and understand that checking the seat thing! I did install these toilet lids that automatically close. One just has to tap them and down they go. They are great but no help to the "wetness" problem. Thanks for the great post as always.

Deb Shucka said...

It's so nice to see these pictures, and to hear your stories. Such a blessing your family is. So glad to hear Dodger did his part. :-)

I hope you find fulfillment in whatever life brings you this fall. I'm in awe of your energy, your spirit, your strength. Sending love and prayers.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bernie!,

Im in Dublin Ireland here. I love your blog and you are a spirited woman. You should visit Ireland one day. We have the best beaches EVER!

Anita said...

Looks like a fun day at the beach. There's nothing like looking out into the water, absorbing the peace.

Glad you and the family soaked up some sun and togetherness.

Oh!...the story of the guys missing the hole - LOL

Michelle Wells Grant said...

Bernie, I'm so sorry for your loss. I've been so out of touch lately and I'm just now learning that Bill has passed. Please know that I'm sending healing thoughts and prayers your way. And I'm trying to get your daughter to have lunch with me this week! Please take care of yourself in this difficult time.

Fragrant Liar said...

What a great way to spend time together after all the sadness of your husband's passing, Bernie. I'm glad you guys were able to do that.


Joey said...

I can't even begin to imagine having six guys in the house... I have had it my mind to make a huge sign and hang it above the toilet for my one guy in the house. He doesn't get he says. grrrr

What a wonderful post.


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