Saturday, May 8, 2010


Before my visit to Texas came to an end, I had to go and have an self –incurred accident. Never one to heed good advice as you have seen in previous posts, I used a bathroom shower that I was not supposed to. The previous owner of the lake house, and living in Marble Shoals made it inevitable that he would have a bathtub raised up on three marble steps. It was a really cool bathtub and the shower head was just right for me. Well, after using it several times, there came a time of reckoning and as I exited being extremely careful, I fell ass over teakettle in quite a spectacular fall. I tested. My hips were intact. But I broke or bruised my tail bone and hurt my back and tore my left arm up into what Julie described as a hamburger. After a visit to the hospital where I had the usual x-rays and l9 stitches in my arm, I survived quite blessedly I think.

Forced to be immobile, I have been sitting here watching the men next to the lake house put in a new pier . I have been admiring the precision with which they work. They work together like a well-oiled machine knowing what to do next and which man will do what to accomplish their goal. They both carry out the long pieces of wood , one on each end and lay it carefully in a predetermined order on the part that is finished. One does the welding and the other holds the framing piece upright and checks that it is straight.

Long have we extolled the artists, the musicians, the writers, even architects but I do not know of any museums dedicated to workmen. And where would we be if we did not have skilled workmen in many fields? The knowledge that they possess and the skills they have honed and passed on to future generations is unfathomable. In our everyday lives, the skill of the electrician, the desperate help of the plumber, the carpenters that build and add on to our homes all bring to mind the value of these people. The mechanics, the repairmen for every appliance, the roofers—all make the world go around and we just accept it as an everyday thing when it is really a great thing.

So I say, HAIL TO THR WORKMEN OF THE WORLD and God bless ‘em for being.


lakeviewer said...

Yes, hail to them who do things with their hands and take pride in work done right. Sorry to hear about your woes; but glad you are up and about.

Gail said...

Does this include the workman who made those stunning marble steps?

Glad you are not as bad as it could have been.

I agree with you, I salute the workmen.

Wanda said...

It was so nice of Julie to let us know by email, about your fall, Bernie. Hope you aren't in too much pain. At least you have a lovely view, the lake...not the workmen! :)

I have an artistic son who also builds practical things, like decks, tree houses, concrete benches, and rock walls...gardens, installs electric, does plumbing and can weld. He comes in handy!

Hope the broken or bruised tail bone heals quickly, meanwhile, have a Wonderful Mother's Day, Bernie!

Von said...

those quiet and accomplished artisans who make everything happen are the real heroes.
Hope you're fixed soon Bernie, missed you!

Wander to the Wayside said...

My father-in-law is a master craftsman who passed his woodwork and building skills on to both of his sons, and they all three absolutely deserve kudos!

Sorry about your fall, but glad you're ok, Bernie! Did you have a chance to cover up with a towel before the troops came in?

some tall, stable girl. said...

This was really wonderful to read. I do so enjoy your posts. I'm sorry about your fall, but it seems as if you're handling it like a trooper :)

Barb said...

Have a Happy Mothers Day, Bernie! So sorry you are battered and bruised. Rest and Heal! Wink at the workmen.

yaya said...

I'm so glad you didn't have to visit my work place! (surgery)..I have 4 boys and I would have loved if they would have been: mechanic..electrician...carpenter..well, I love them anyway! BTW..that tailbone will probably hurt you more than anything. My hubby is a Chiropractor and he's a workman that you might need!

Bernie said...

Welcome home sweetie, so sorry to hear about your fall. My gosh Bernie it could of been so much worse but that doesn't help when you are in pain does it....sorry.

I am glad the weather is turning nicer so that you will be able to heal in the sunshine. Do you have someone there to help you.

The wedding sounded so wonderful and everyone looked lovely, I'm still waiting to see your picture.

I agree, where would we be without the workmen in the husband could build or fix anything and it was such an adjustment for me to have to find someone to fix things after he passed. I have surprised myself though as I had no idea I could use a hammer and nails like I do.

Happy Mothers Day my friend, please be careful and be well soon.
Big Hugs....:-)

Giada said...

I'm sorry about your fall, I hope you're better now...
Anyway... Happy Mother's day!

becky said...

19 stitches!? Geez, Bernie... you must've really taken a tumble! Hope your back & tailbone are feeling better very soon! My brother works in construction~ one of the hardest workers I know, and I'm very proud of him.
You take care Bernie!
:) p.s.~ Happy Mother's Day!

becky said...

Bernie~ me again! I just noticed that black kitten on your sidebar... that's new isn't it? too cute. i was watching how he blinks & breathes... then realized he follows the cursor & paws at it! too funny!

June said...

I'm glad you have something good to watch while you heal. Nineteen stitches? Must've been some little laceration!
I have had the excitement of a fall out of a bathtub too, but mine did not have the class of marble steps!

I am delighted to join you in praising those who build things that are plumb and solid and works of art in their own right.

Helena Halme said...


Sorry to hear about your accident, that must be so painful?

I agree with you on the value of workmen, though I think over here in the UK, they're not always so well organised or motivated.

Thank you for your comment on my blog, I've been very bad at commenting on my friends' sites lately, so it's nice to hear from you and re-connect!

Helena xx

Deb Shucka said...

It's nice to see you put your forced rest to good use.


Raising my glass to the salute to workmen everywhere.

Ash said...

aww bernie - sorry to hear about your fall. hope you're recovering well now.

(thanks for your comment on my blog)

#1Nana said...

You win! I came back from my trip to Texas with only a black eye. Maybe AARP should start warning seniors of the dangers of that state! I hope you recover soon.

Michelle Wells Grant said...

Oh dear, Bernie! I'm so, so sorry about your fall! 19 stitches! Ow, ow & OW!!! It sounds awful but what a trooper ... it also sounds like you are recovering well! Thank heavens!
I'm sending positive and healing thoughts your way! Keep writing and keep us informed. Best wishes!

c-ing said...

Get better soon. I'm glad you didn't break your hip. Remember when you poo-pooed your plump derriere? Something tells me it cushioned your fall. I am thankful for my ample behind every day of the week.


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