Saturday, August 22, 2009

To Sleep - Perhaps to Dream

Whether one prefers a twin bed to a double bed has long been a topic of discussion in our house. I’ll tell you right up front that I prefer a single bed and have for over 50 years.

My grown children have all told me that when they were youngsters they used to notice that all of their friend’s folks slept in one bed and they told me they never knew anyone but us who slept in single twin beds. My daughter told me that her father told her as they were going down the aisle at her wedding that she should never agree to twin beds, but always sleep in a double bed. That’s pretty strong stuff to tell your girl as she is heading down the aisle!!!

Which brings me to why we have had twin beds most of our married life. Our first year of marriage was different from most as we only were together on week-ends. He was teaching 100 miles away from where I was teaching.
and that in itself is a long story which I won't go into here.

Our week-ends were great and I believe really extended the honeymoon stage. However, we had one problem. Bill was a big man who had never slept with anyone before. He never learned to turn over in place so that the covers would stay put. He also was very tall and liked his sheet not tucked in. So every time he turned around he took all the covers with him and I would have to get up and go around to the other side to find room and grab some covers. Finally as Bill loves to tell it, he got up one night and cut the blanket and the sheet up the middle, tucked in my side and left his open and got back into bed.

That did not solve the problem and I stand before you now to tell you that if we had not gone the twin bed route at that point, my children would not be here for we would have been divorced. We would have such violent verbal fights at 4 in the morning with both of us half asleep and very tired from lack of it. I was appalled at what my husband would say to me and I back to him!!

And I believe it is very funny that every time any of my grown children come home with their spouses and sleep in the guest room which have grandma and grandpa’s twin beds there, they cannot get over how well they sleep every time they come to my house. Imagine that.

We also have been reading in the papers and over the TV lately about Americans lack of enough sleep. I hear many accounts of one spouse taking up all the bed while the other languishes on the edge. I also hear complaints of not being able to find the other in a king sized bed.

So how do you all feel about this subject? Twin beds or double or queen or king-sized?


Midlife Jobhunter said...

I prefer the king although I still cling to the side.

lakeviewer said...

Bernie, thanks for visiting my site and leaving your calling card. This bed-time story is so much fun.

Margaret's Ramblings said...

I eventually after 20 years of not getting a restful sleep went the twin bed way so I totally agree with you. My daughter has just shouted to me when I read her your post, "double beds, separate rooms" haha.

Thank you for visiting my blog, I have listed you on my daily reads.


molliedog1 said...

From watching Leave It To Beaver, Donna Reed Show, Dick Van Dyke Show and I Love Lucy, I thought all married folks had twin beds when I was a kid

Wander to the Wayside said...

Well, I commented and the link was broken and it went flying off into space, so I'll try again! I'm with Margaret's daughter on this one - separate bedrooms! I have a triple threat with David: off and on sleep apnea, a bad back, and insomnia. After becoming totally sleep deprived, I moved to the guest bedroom several years ago. Not the best solution, but I can get sleep, and he can do all the wierd leg contortions he needs to get comfortable with his back. I sleep with two dogs in a full bed, he with one large dog in a queen bed. (FYI: This October we'll have been married 36 years.)

My Kateness said...

I think it's wise to have separate bedrooms, too! That way you can get some privacy when you need it, and when you do sleep together it's because you want to, not because you don't have another bed.
My husband thinks separate bedrooms would mean the end of the marriage, but not me! I think they would make the marriage last longer and be better.
After all, the rich folks do it ... because they CAN!!


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